Asbury Park Seed Swap

  • The Market & Asbury Oyster Bar 1300 Ocean Avenue Asbury Park, NJ, 07712 United States

It is apparent we live in a world of changing climate, it's up to all of us to adapt to that change. By selecting plants that do well in our region and growing them to seed, we can participate in acclimatizing plants that are better suited to our growing region. This is but one way we have to get a jump on the changes we are experiencing. We are following up our very successful Seed Swap that took place last November with a Spring Swap, this time we will include seedlings. 

Bring any seeds that you've collected or grown out over last season to trade. Do your best to label all seeds and bring some extra envelopes. Have the following information:

-name of plant

-where was it grown

-year it was harvested

and any other pertinent information you think would be useful to the grower.

If you've started some seedlings and would like to share them, please have them in individual small containers; last year's 4 and 6 packs, cups, yogurt containers, etc. Other items are welcome such as raspberry canes, clumps of perennials, rooted shrubs and the like. Most importantly, please bring the stories that go with your seeds and plants. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Wendy at